Scale up your company's customer support with AI-powered chatbots.

Improve customer satisfaction by creating highly-personalized experiences at scale in real time.


Scale up your company's customer support with AI-powered chatbots.

Improve customer satisfaction by creating highly-personalized experiences at scale in real time.


Our world is turning conversational. Customers are chatting and expect their favorite brands to provide an instant support of quality. We know you are struggling to adapt to fast-changing digital trends, but you’ve come to the right place.

We provide automated customer service solutions by leveraging artificial intelligence and proprietary language technology. Here’s how.

SFR is a leading telecommunications company in France. Their challenge was a high number of demands to handle, overpowering an already maxed-out customer support service.
They decided to automate parts of customer account management to provide 24/7 availability while reducing the support workload.
Today, conversation duration is reduced by half because clients have direct access to all relevant information. Over 90% of SFR customers are talking to the correct agent on the 1st call. The bot fully manages 22% of all conversations.
Bouygues Telecom
Bouygues Telecom is a leading telecom corporation in Europe. They needed to find a way to treat the increasing number of customer requests while improving customer experience.
The solution was to integrate a chatbot on their webpage and the mobile app to manage simple issues on internet and mobile subscriptions.
Today, Bouygues Telecom went from 15% of aborted conversations to 0%, gaining a lot of time and money. The next steps are to automate up to 30% of all customer questions and reduce the conversation duration by 15%.
Groupe Mutuel
Groupe Mutuel is a major insurance company in Switzerland. They needed to reduce the number of calls to the client’s call center while still providing outstanding support.
Their solution was to automate the process of modifying, cancelling or suspending insurance contracts.
Today, the team and the bot can now manage every rush hour during the year!
Have a chatbot in mind?

Chatbot building capabilities

Augmented natural language processing
Leverage proprietary natural language processing (NLP) technology to analyze text inputs and enrich key data for a rapid and straight-forward deployment.
Powerful chatbot development suite
Draw on a comprehensive suite of tools to train, build, connect and monitor chatbots.
Leverage the power of data
Understand your users through powerful analytics dashboard and perfect your training dataset through integrated analytics and benchmark tools.
Support for any languages
Interact with customers with the same level of accuracy in multiple languages. A trilingual chatbot can easily switch between languages during a conversation.
Integration with SAP and non-SAP solutions
Connect your chatbot to any external communication channel, any SAP product or any back-end system easily.
Voice activation
Deploy voice-activated chatbots for Google Home, Alexa and Cortana, in addition to text-activated chatbots.

Enterprise grade features

Highest service guarantee on any channels.
High level of performance in any bot building language.
24/7 availability and smart scaling for your high volumes.
Data safe mindset and high-level encryption for datasets.
Infrastructures based on high security cloud hosting services.
Benefit from our efficient support team of developers.

Integrate powerful chatbots in your SAP products


By using SAP Conversational AI, you’re leveraging the entire SAP portfolio through easy integrations. You can connect your chatbot to your existing SAP products and keep your data in the SAP ecosystem.

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